Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We Just Need to Keep Driving

This is ridiculous, I thought to myself when we woke up Sunday morning at Potato Creek State Park in Indiana.  I had thought so much when we mapped out 23 states in 16 days.  Maybe that isn't true.  I had thought that after most people reacted not only with shock and envy, but admiration for our ambition.  The first night, however, our 12am estimated arrival at an Ask to Park Walmart in Connersville, PA turned out to be a 4am arrival.  And then we had driven all the next day only to arrive at Potato Creek at 11:30pm.  This cannot go on, I thought, we are going to have to change the route.  This is ridiculous, I thought to myself again and then said out loud to Spyder. 

Me: This is ridiculous
Spyder: Yeah. 
Me: What do you think about changing the route?  Maybe just going to Yellowstone and back?  We cannot keep going like this. 
Spyder: Maybe. 
Me: Our drive time didn't take into account stopping for gas . . . or food . . . or that we are driving an RV . . . or places we would like to stop. . . 
Spyder: Yeah.

At this point, I was talking mutiny and I scanned the group and imagined what each of them would say to a route change.  My eyes landed on Bret and I knew that I was beat.  He would not have it.  He had a plan and he would not return without completing that goal, period.  And then I looked at the the RV.  

Me: It is the great white whale.  He's chasing the great white whale.  He won't back down. 
Spyder: I think that makes him Ahab. 
Me: Yes. 

And so it is.  I'm not sure what Bret is chasing, but I know that he does not back down from challenges.  He put down this route, he told others of his plan, and like an ancient wanderer, he would not return without his spoils.  And I would not have it any other way. 

So I didn't bring it up and I hunkered down to start planning with him how to make the rest of the trip work.  And it has.  We are on day 5 and every day has been better than the last.  We figured out how this thing works, and like life with a capital L, you only figure out how it works by doing it, and you get better at it as you go.  And, we are all chasing something.  

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