Saturday, June 30, 2012

Epic USA Roadtrip Preview Video

With 5 people in the group, we rented an 8-person RV with the expectation that we would get one or two more to join us on our travel. To aid in the recruitment process, this video was concocted. It outlines our aspirations for the trip and it includes a few funny photo recreations by the group.

A big thanks to Bret for putting the bulk of this all together. He spent a lot of time on it and we appreciate his hard work.


  1. If you get to House In The Rock, you'll love it! It will take several hours to see the whole thing. There's just SO MUCH stuff there to look at. Make sure you spend time at the Carousel and look at all the strange animals.

    1. Hey, lady! Unfortunately we cut House on the Rock to get to our Minnesota stay at a decent hour, but there's already a growing list of things we must come back to see in full detail.